Extremely directional high gain parabolic antenna with a dual polarization feed horn. Ultra Wide band UWB continuous , Instantaneous bandwidth. A first in the industry for an UWB affordable dish antenna. This feed horn can be used as cross-polarization single or dual, as well as single or dual circular polarization using a 90° hybrid coupler! (not included)

Excellent for terrestrial cellular data links or home user HotSpot modems or WiFi links including the latest 6 and 7Ghz WiFi. Amazing number of uses including all the ham radio bands in this range, 902, 2402, 3456, 5700 and 10.4 GHz!

Space signals at the 1.4 GHz ranges with amazing performance yet affordable cost. Featuring a patented LPDA printed feed horn with in/out adjustment only needed to maximize 10GHz or 650 MHz areas.

This antenna was designed with low cost shipping in mind. The 4 petals and other parts fit a compact 26x26x12" box. It assembles in 20-30 minutes and it is ready to work. The super sturdy and lightweight dish can be left installed all year.

Designed and produced  Antenna World, Inc, and W4AWI. It s covered by 3 patents. One of W4AWI and 2 licensed from the US Govt US Navy Space And Warfare Dept.


Electrical specifications
Frequency range (MHZ) 600 - 10500
Polarization + - 45° (90° V or H)
Gain(dBi) 15 Low / 27 Mid / 32 High Bands, 37+ dBi @10.4GHz not tested
Half-power beam width(°) Low Band: 14 – 22 V & H
Half-power beam width(°) Mid Band: 7 - 9 V & H
Half-power beam width(°) High Band: 3 - 5 V & H
Front-to-back ratio(dB) ≥25 AVG
Impedance(Ω) 50
VSWR ≤1.6:1 / 1.4:1 avg
Maximum input power(W) 200-500 Fq Dependent
Lightning protection DC Ground

Mechanical specifications
Connectors 2x N-female
Dimensions (in / mm) 48 / 120cm
Dimensions, boxed (in / mm) 26x26x10 / 66x66x25
Antenna weight (lb / kg) 12.5 / 5.7 w/bracket
Packing weight (lb / kg) 17.5 / 7.9
Wind loading area (sqr ft / m)
Rated wind velocity (mph / kph) 150 / 240
Wind Load @ Rated Velo. (lb / kg)
Mounting mast diam. (in / mm) 1.5-2.8 / 38 - 70
Reflector material Aluminum 4mm Mesh
Reflector Finish: Electrostatic Powder Coat
Radome material ASA Anti UV
Antenna Reflector color Black
Water resistance IPX Weather rated
Operating temperature(℃ / F) -40 to +60 / -40 to +140


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