Directional high gain parabolic dish antenna with a dual polarization feed horn. Ultra-Wide band UWB continuous. Covers all of the L-band, S-band, C-Band, half the X-band Instantaneous bandwidth. Cellular, WiFi, Sigint (Signals Intelligence, Search and sweep, multi-channel simultaneous point to point (P2P) A first in the industry for an UWB affordable dish antenna. This feed horn works cross-polarization single or dual, as well as single or dual circular polarization using a 90° hybrid coupler! (not included) Mini-Circuits sells good 90° narrow and wide band couplers.

Excellent for terrestrial cellular data links or home user HotSpot modems or WiFi links including the latest 6 and 7Ghz WiFi. Amazing number of uses including all the ham radio bands in this range, 902, 1296, 2402, 3456, 5700 and 10.4 GHz! Excellent antenna for the new Icom IC-905 radios

This antenna also works for all popular and expanded WiFi bands including 802.11ah 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n 802.11ax 802.11y 802.11j 802.11a 802.11h 802.11ac 802.11p 802.11be Wifi-6E WiFi 7.

Spun aluminum parabola all hand made in the USA.  Featuring a tri-patented dual Vivaldi solid aluminum machined construction feed horn. High power capable limited by the power ratings of the .141 (RG-402) internal central feed cables.

This antenna was designed for rugged use featuring a spun aluminum solid dish and extra heavy duty fully CNC machined aluminum hub assembly. Polarization can be changed every 45° by repositioning the feed horn arm in the hub. **update 6/2024 uses a fixed hub. Change pol. by re-positioning on the bracket. ** Photos coming soon.

This antenna is already field tested and proven by commercial and military users. Other versions in development or already in use.

Designed and produced by Antenna World, Inc, and W4AWI. It's covered by 3 patents. One of W4AWI and 2 licensed from the US Govt US Navy Space and Warfare Dept.

Field tested and confirmed 37 dBi 10.4GHz at ARS N4IS.  Signal plots (0.7 - 6.0 GHz) available to qualified requests. Signal plots here obscured to reduce copyright infringement.


Electrical specifications
Frequency range (GHz) 0.60--10.50 L-band S-band C-band X-band
Polarization Dual, +45 -45 Degrees (circular optional)
Port Isolation dB AVG -18 <1GHz -23 >1.5GHz
Gain(dBi) 12 Low / 24 Mid / 28 High Bands / 37 @ X-band
Half-power beam width(°) Low Band: 20 Horiz, 23 Vert
Half-power beam width(°) Mid Band: 12 Horiz, 15 Vert
Half-power beam width(°) High Band: 7 Horiz, 9 Vert
Front-to-back ratio(dB) ≥20 AVG
Impedance(Ω) 50
VSWR ≤1.6:1 / 1.4:1 avg
Max. input power (W @GHz) 600@0.5 400@2 280@4 250@6
Lightning protection DC Ground


Mechanical specifications
Connectors N-Type Female X2
Diameter (in / mm) 35 / 89cm
Dimensions, boxed (in / mm) 36x36x8 / 91x91x20
Antenna weight (lb / kg) 9.9 / 4.5
Packing weight (lb / kg) 13 / 5.9
Wind loading area (sqr ft / m)
Rated wind velocity (mph / kph) 140 / 225
Wind Load @ Rated Velo. (lb / kg)
Mounting mast diam. (in / mm) 1-2.5” / 26-65
Reflector material Spun Aluminum 0.050” (1.27mm)
Reflector Finish: Primed+ 2-coat Epoxy
Feed Horn material ASA, Alum, Comp. FG Epoxy
Antenna Color Desert Sand
Water resistance IPX Weather rated

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