Parabolic Dish antenna with a grid reflector for minimum weight and wind resistance.

 This grid dish represents the most signal gain and directivity in a popular priced antenna.

It provides an amazing 24dBi rating (tested 23dBi lab at with a very narrow pinpoint signal beam just under 8 degrees wide.

This is the antenna which can provide many miles of signal propagation (provided proper height, obstruction clearance, power and antenna on other end). This antenna has a grid made of cast aluminum then electrostatic powder coated in a light gray finish. The feedhorn arm is a 14" focal point for the dipole/reflector assembly. Easy to mount on a suitable antenna mast, water pipe or other support tube. Adjustable elevation angle is possible via the U-bolt mounting system.


Frequency Range 2.40-2.49GHz 
Gain 24dBi      (2.3 to 2.6GHz @21 dBi extended range)
VSWR 1.2:1 average
Beamwidth, -3dB point Azimuth 7.5 degrees
Beamwidth, -3dB point Elevation 8.0 degrees
Cable Length, Type 10" RG-8
Connector N-type Female
Mounting Bracket, U-Bolts fit 1" - 2" mast
Wind Rating 120 MPH
Dimensions 39" x 24" rectangle grid
Weight 6 lbs. (7 Lbs boxed 22x25x5)


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